3 Reasons to Love Cotton Socks

Wool, polyester, nylon, viscose, rayon, cotton, and the list goes on. Which sock materials are the best and why? The annoying answer is that different materials are better for different uses. That said, it’s hard to go wrong with cotton socks. They’re soft, comfortable, low-maintenance, and kind to your feet. If you’re torn over which sock materials to order, ask yourself these questions to see if cotton is right for you.

Do you like soft but durable socks?

Cotton socks are soft and lightweight, meaning you won’t have to worry about tight socks or itchy seams putting too much pressure on your feet. Unlike some thicker sock materials, basic cotton socks tend to fit comfortably regardless of your shoe size or the type of shoes you’re wearing. If you’d prefer a thicker material that’s still comfortable and breathable, you can opt for a thicker cotton terry sock, like the ones offered here at Sobex.

How do you feel about low-maintenance options?

How many friends do you have who feel the need to hand wash and line-dry their socks? Probably not too many (we hope). Unlike some performance materials, caring for cotton socks is as easy as it gets. Simply wash them with your favorite detergent and toss ‘em in the dryer for socks that come out as good as new.

Do enjoy being smothered or would you prefer plenty of breathing room?

Hey, to each their own, but cotton’s relaxed, laid-back fit leaves plenty of room for airflow and cool, comfy feet. If that’s your style, you can’t go wrong with cotton. The obvious benefit here is that you won’t have to panic over your own smelly feet if prompted to take your shoes off at a friend’s place (we all have that friend). Ever struggle with itchy feet? Cotton’s soft, naturally breathable properties make it a great option for sensitive skin and keeps odor, irritation, and discomfort at bay.

The only downside…

Uncomfortable cotton socks are like…bigfoot. We’re sure there’s a pair out there, and we’re pretty sure we’ve heard about them from someone else, but we’ve never seen them with our own eyes or felt them with our own feet (that said, we’re partial to wearing Sobex, for obvious reasons). However, cotton socks have one pitfall: they can be just plain boring. We’re pretty confident that when you hear the term “cotton socks,” the first image that comes to mind is the white, mid-calf tube socks from the days of old. You know, the ones your grandpa used to wear in gym class with the drawstring shorts and an old school tank top. Ugh, are you cringing, yet?

Good news, folks: you can customize your cotton socks with Sobex. Take ‘em from dull to daring by designing your own with Sobex. Donuts? Sasquatches? Race cars? Eggs? You can get literally any design you can dream up. Oh, or you can just get like…a company name or logo on your socks. You know, if you’re into that. (Did we mention you can get anything on your socks? Bill Murray’s face, sushi rolls, your face, etc. The world is your oyster.)

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