Custom Socks: Sublimated, Knit, or Direct-to-Garment?

When shopping for custom socks, you’re sure to come across options for sublimated, knit, and direct-to-garment (DTG) designs, but do you know how they’re different and why those differences are important?

Knit garments

As simple as it sounds, custom knit socks are crafted by knitting your design directly into the sock using different color yarns to create your desired design or pattern. Knitting is ideal for custom designs that feature a repeating pattern or that don’t require quite as much detail. When you opt for knit socks, you can look forward to a soft, durable, and classic pair of socks. With knit designs, the pattern will last as long as the sock itself.

Dye-sublimated socks

Sublimation, or dye-sublimation, refers to the process of applying dye to a substrate, which in this case, refers to custom socks. With this process, the sublimation ink is transferred from printer, to transfer paper, and then to the sock.

Sublimation is often confused with screen printing, but they’re not interchangeable. Screen printing essentially applies dye on top of the fabric and gives the dyed area a different texture than the rest of the sock. Sublimation printing embeds the dye into the fabric, giving it a sharper look, softer feel, and longer-lasting quality than typical screen printing techniques.

Direct-to-garment printing

Direct-to-garment printing works by using inkjet technology to inject water-based inks directly into the fabric of your custom garment. DTG printing essentially works just like the printers in your office or school, but instead of your basic printer paper, DTG technology allows us to print designs directly onto fabrics. Though it sounds similar to screen printing, DTG printing allows for greater precision in your designs.

Which type of custom sock is best?

Well, that depends on what type of design, materials, and socks you’re in the market for. Each method has its own pros and cons, and your custom sock manufacturer should be able to help you choose the method that’s best for your custom sock order.

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