Who’s Wearing Our Socks? Custom Athletic Socks for Sports Uniform Designers

Who partners with Sobex?

Sobex serves sports uniform manufacturers nationwide with high-quality, locally made custom athletic socks. When you’re creating screen-printed, sublimated, and embroidered designs for sports teams, you need to trust that your socks will hold up against the wear and tear of the athletes to whom you’re selling. Coaches and players don’t have time for subpar materials, uncomfortable footwear, or unsatisfactory performance, and neither do you, which is why Sobex is dedicated to supplying uniform designers and suppliers with higher quality, higher performance socks.

Why Sobex?

What makes Sobex Sox any better than other socks? How is one sock any better than another? Well, how do you feel about stretched out, sweaty, itchy socks? Exactly. And the athletes buying from you don’t like ‘em either. Which is why we make sure the products we create;

  • Fit like a glove (except, you know, for feet…foot gloves?)
  • Wick moisture away from even the sweatiest athletes foot (gross)
  • Last all season, no matter how many yards are run, shots are taken, bases are tagged, goals are kicked…yeah, you get the picture.

What’s more?

Oh, yeah. There’s more. Here are a few more reasons our clients are pumped about Sobex Sox.

Made in the USA.

Based in North Carolina, Sobex products are designed, crafted, and packaged right here in the Old North State. We serve customers nationwide, but our employees, factory, and production processes all call North Carolina home. We have a local hub with continental scope, and that’s just the way we – and our customers – like it.

Faster delivery.

The reason we’re so speedy is that all of our manufacturing, processing, and shipping happens right here from our factory in North Carolina. This means our customers get to avoid obnoxious delays from overseas processing errors, longer delivery times, and subpar customer service. No matter how large or complicated your order is, it won’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the production process.

Higher quality products & better customer service.

C’mon, folks. We’re from the south. Hospitality is in our blood. We don’t do “rude,” here at Sobex, and we don’t have any patience for it from other companies. We think you deserve comfy socks and stellar customer service, and we’re here to offer both. Since all of our manufacturing processes are handled locally, we’re able to keep a closer eye on our quality control and offer our patrons better customer service than our overseas counterparts. Have a question about your order? Cool, just drop us a line and a member of our staff can skip right on over to our factory floor to check on the progress of your order.

Knee-high? Mid-calves? When it comes to sports socks, we know that fit, feel, and functionality are vital to your customers and your business, so we don’t play around with quality or performance when you partner with Sobex.

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