Who’s Wearing our Socks? Custom Dress Socks for Small Businesses.

Groomsmen in neon multicolored socks.
Who partners with Sobex?

Sobex serves small businesses nationwide with high-quality, locally made custom dress socks and athletic socks. Whether you’re helping your team follow your company’s dress code or designing branded attire for your business, you can equip your employees with customized pairs of socks that will strengthen your branding and help provide a cohesive, professional style among your employees.

Why Sobex?

So, what makes Sobex different from other sock manufacturers?

Made in the USA.

Based in North Carolina, Sobex products are produced right here in the Old North State. We share our products and services with customers nationwide, but our employees, factory, and production processes all call North Carolina home.

Faster delivery.

Since all of our manufacturing, processing, and shipping happens right here from our factory in North Carolina, our customers get to avoid hang-ups from overseas processing errors, longer delivery times, and subpar customer service. No matter how large or complicated your order is, it won’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the production process. It’ll go from production to packaging right here in our factory. Once orders are packaged and ready to go, they’re shipped to our patrons all over the USA

Higher quality products & better customer service.

Since all of our manufacturing processes are handled locally, we’re able to keep a closer eye on our quality control and offer our patrons better customer service than our overseas counterparts. Have a question about your order? There’s no need to send five emails or call just to get transferred between four different customer service representatives. When you call Sobex, a member of our staff can walk right on over to our factory and check on the progress of your order.

Design custom dress socks for your team or organization and get them faster with less hassle by partnering with Sobex.