Why Does it Matter if Your Socks are Made in the USA?

Based in North Carolina, Sobex products are produced right here in the Old North State. We share our products and services with customers nationwide, but our employees, factory, and production processes are all at home in North Carolina.

Why should I care where my socks are made?

Well, here’s the thing, socks made here in the good ol’ U.S. of A are typically produced with better quality and more reliably than socks shipped from overseas factories.

Bonus perk: more socks made here in the USA means more jobs are made here in the USA.

Reliable delivery.

Since all of our manufacturing, processing, and shipping happens in Sobex’s North Carolina factory, our customers get to totally avoid hang-ups from overseas processing hiccups and patchy customer service. When you order from stateside companies like Sobex, you can trust that your order won’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of overseas production processes, no matter how large or complicated your order. Your custom socks will go from production to packaging to the post all right here in our factory.

Higher quality products & better customer service.

Since all of our manufacturing processes are handled locally, we have more hands-on involvement and direct influence over our quality control than operations in large overseas factories. As such, we’re proud to offer our patrons higher quality products and faster, friendlier customer service than our overseas counterparts.

Have a question about your order?

Unlike when you order from a company abroad, you won’t need to send one billion different emails to various departments and representatives if you have a question about your order. When you partner with local companies, you get to work with local employees who can personally check on the status of your order. For example, when you partner with Sobex, our customer service team members are able to walk right over to our factory floor and personally check on your order rather than contacting another department and waiting for 3 – 5 business days just for someone to answer an email.

With faster delivery, higher quality socks, and just plain better customer service, it’s easy to see why our customers are excited to find custom socks made right here in the USA. For more on who’s wearing our socks, check out our blog: Why Sobex?